At L’Auberge de la Rivière Saguenay, mesmerizing boreal sceneries and a rich regional culture await!

"Welcome to our peaceful, smoke-free, and eco-touristic lodge! Here, only the soft pitter-patter of the creeping tide, the deep howl of the wind, the chirpy birdsong at sunrise, or sunset, will break the placid silence that surrounds us."

Auberge de la Rivière Saguenay

L'auberge de la Rivière Saguenay is located on the slopes of the Saguenay River Fjord, at the crossroads of beautiful water channels leading to the Ha! Ha! Bay or to Chicoutimi. From our lodge, which has been strictly non-smoking for quite some time now, you will witness a spectacular landscape dotted with scenic waterways, mountains, and greenery.

During your stay at our lodge, you will benefit from the best of both worlds—pristine wilderness nestled only a few kilometers away from the major tourist attractions of our magnificent region! At L’Auberge de la Rivière Saguenay, mesmerizing boreal sceneries and a rich regional culture await!

Our Social Commitment

In an effort to expand our sustainable practices, which are already well under way, we are committed to increasing local partnerships with businesses and independent workers who share our consideration for strong ethics, environmental initiatives, universal respect, and tolerance of differences of opinion and status.

Our Commitment to the Environment

In December 2012, our lodge was acknowledged as a level 2 establishment by Recyc-Quebec. We were granted this status for a two-year period, during which we are asked to increase recycling of waste to 70%. THANK YOU for helping us reach our goal during your next stay.

Brief Background

Our lodge was officially established on June 1, 1988, after having served as a wellness centre from 1986 to 1988. The centre was converted into a lodging facility with rooms and private bathrooms to accommodate the large number of tourists who traveled to La Baie in 1988 for its 150th anniversary celebrations. In 2002, we fell in love with the property and decided to purchase it on Valentine's Day. It was originally named La Maison de la Rivière after a small creek which flows near the lodge and overflows every spring.

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